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Hi there! I'm a fiction author, screenwriter, content writer, and digital marketer. I write books, scripts, and business content. Oddly enough, I graduated from the University of Denver with a bachelors degree of finance and a minor of management. It wasn't until after graduation that I truly realized my love for reading and writing. It became an obsession to craft good stories and characters. Additionally, I developed an interest in web development so I learned HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, and began working minimally with Adobe Creative Cloud, primarily Photoshop & Illustrator. I love to write, meet new people, and stay active in the community. In my spare time you'll find me reading, playing sports, listening to music, or learning something new. I guess you could say that I simply enjoy the art of telling a great story. I'm so thrilled to wake up, smile, and live my dream each and every day as a writer!

Hobbies and Interests

Content Writing, Creative Writing, Web Design, Startups & Technology, Reading, Music, Fishing, and Sports.

Work Experience

Director of Strategic Content - Revolar (December 2017 - Present)

Planning, execution, and analysis of content strategy and advertising. Additional help with sales, customer service, and logistics for a small wearable safety device startup, Revolar.

Writer - Blog Mutt (October 2017 - Present)

An approved writer for the BlogMutt platform. BlogMutt offers digital writing projects on spec which businesses are able to purchase to help bolster their content strategy.

Freelance Writer & Digital Marketer - My Portfolio (April 2017 - Present)

I'm a writer for all kinds of digital content. Additionally, I help a number of businesses manage social media, websites, email marketing, content marketing strategy, and analytics. Some organizations helped include IvyLead (Florida-based digital marketing agency), ArtWired, 212Gallery, and BubbleIQ. See more of my work by viewing my portfolio here.

Copywriter/Editor - Word Geeks (October 2016 - Present)

Writing email newsletter, blog, website, and social copy for clients. Experience with content writing, SEO, script writing, and copy editing.

Fiction Author / Screenwriter - Dan's Dreams (December 2014 - Present)

I'm a fiction author and screenwriter. Read my blog for some great short stories and thoughts while you await my first full-length dystopian fiction novel! Dan's Dreams

Business Intelligence Contractor - Revolar (November 2016 - September 2017)

Worked with a safety wearable startup in business intelligence, marketing, and customer support. Helping with data analysis, research, and outreach for all business departments.

Latest Projects

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Created website, wrote content, and did SEO for TEDxCU, an independently organized TED event at CU Boulder.

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Hike. Explore. Photograph.

Developed and wrote a small amount of content for this website for a travel and photography lifestyle blog/business.

Here's the site!

Other Projects

Fiction Novel

Began writing/storyboarding a fiction novel (Unknown Future). I have always loved to read and believe that writing and reading stories truly inspires creativity and imagination. Hopefully I can contribute something amazing to the world of literature.

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The Closers

Writing a script for a TV comedy titled, "The Closers". Logline: Even though things never seem to go their way, three young men hilariously fight inexperience and youth while trying to build lives for themselves.

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Investment Analysis, Financial Planning, Financial Modeling, Data Analysis

Fundamental, Technical, and Behavioral analysis of investments and derivatives. Future financial planning through financial models and forecasts with Oracle Crystal Ball software, (Black Scholes Option Pricing, Binomial Lattice Models, Statistical Probability Modeling, etc.) calculating a companies' additional funds needed for a scalable model, estimating future necessary cash flow. Data analysis & modeling by using Vlookups, if/else functions, etc. in Excel.

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WordPress Projects

Built multiple local and live websites and learned HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and a small amount of Ruby on Rails in my spare time. Content Writing, digital marketing, and SEO for clients. Additionally, using Adobe Creative Cloud, primarily Illustrator and Photoshop for Graphic Design. Attempting to always become a better writer and developer/designer than before.

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